What We Offer

We Offer the Special Care You Need


Located in Twin Falls, ID, we offer comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, caring for eye emergencies and so much more. Our eye doctors are some of the most experienced in the area and provide the best eye care to patients of all ages and can treat many different eye conditions.





Fitting for new glasses requires both knowledge and experience in frame and lens design. The team here at Ford Family Eye Care are experts in fitting glasses for infants, seniors, and everyone in between. We can provide every type of available lenses, including:

  • Progressive lenses
  • Special computer glasses
  • Polaroid lenses for outdoor glare protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses, which are an impact resistant option for children, sports and/or safety
  • Anti-reflective coatings and blue light coatings and materials
  • Tints, mirrors, and ultraviolet protective coatings



Contact lenses are an alternative to frames that can be worn for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Our team insists on having a comprehensive eye examination before being fitted for contact lenses. During the contact lens fitting, the doctor can provide diagnostic lenses, lens care kits, individual instructions for wear and care and the necessary follow-up visits to ensure a proper fit and good eye health.



Our team uses our best judgement from years of experience to make sure you have the best possible prescription. Prescriptions are filled with high quality lenses and frames from the industry's finest independent manufacturers.

It’s what you say that matters the most and it's our mission to give you the best customer care in the eyewear business.



Even if you have perfect vision, you should have routine eye exams to monitor your eye health and visual acuity. We are confident that we can provide the level of eye care you need. Ford Family Eye Care offers comprehensive eye exams to patients of all ages. If you need a new lens prescription or are due for a checkup, please call or schedule an appointment online today.